How to Build a Modern DIY Stock Portfolio

Aaron Dunn, KeyStone Financial, Senior Equity Analyst

Ryan Irvine, KeyStone Financial, President and CEO

KeyStones’ simple portfolio-building plan is designed to enrich you, not your advisor. In this MoneyMasters class, KeyStone’s founder, Ryan Irvine, and head of dividend growth and US research, Aaron Dunn, will help both novice and experienced investors create a simple 15-25 stock portfolio composed of high-quality growth and dividend growth stocks. You will learn how to simplify your stock portfolio, save on fees, and focus on buying great stocks, designed to grow and pay dividends over the long term.


Course Content

2 Chapters • 1:58:21 Duration
  • Why 2-3 Great Investment Ideas Can Change your Life
  • Why Canadians Need Exposure to the US Market
  • How to Start or Fix Your Stock Portfolio
  • Inflation & Your Portfolio
  • Learn 5 Simple Steps to Analyze any Stock in 5 Minutes
  • A Profitable, High-Growth Disruptive Health-Tech That Trades at Just Over $1.00
  • A Global Infrastructure Dividend Growth Stock
  • The Most Profitable US Cannabis Multi-State Operator
  • KeyStone’s Top-Rated Canadian Apartment REIT
  • The Highest-Yielding, Cash-Rich, Gold-Related Stock

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Aaron Dunn
KeyStone Financial, Senior Equity Analyst
Ryan Irvine
KeyStone Financial, President and CEO

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