Eric Harmon

Director of Operations,

Preferred Coin Exchange

  • Director of Operations, Preferred Coin Exchange
  • Coin Enthusiast of 20 Years
  • Unique Coin Consultant of 8 Years

About Eric

Eric Harmon is a precious metal coin enthusiast of over 20 years and a unique coin consultant of over 11 years. His consultative approach gives his clients total visibility, allowing clients to understand numismatics with confidence in what to target as an alternative asset.

Eric's Videos

Nobody has ever had full visibility, but people have learned from previous mistakes and what they don't know is that there is a program that has it all. History often repeats itself, the wise learned from history and there is one program that has more visibility than all of them combined.

Many turn to precious metals as a hedge but fall short by just scratching the surface. Many options are available and there is data to prove it!

Most companies sell the latest or hot topic items but they don't give you a real explanation of why to buy or what the market is for your coins.