Adam Button

Co-Owner and Managing Director,

  • Currency Analyst at Intermarket Strategy
  • Former Chief Currency Strategist at XForex
  • Previous Financial Journalist

About Adam

Few traders are more in-tune with the news than Adam Button. The co-owner and managing director of is one of the most-followed sources of live commentary on economic news. Formerly a financial journalist, he was consistently amazed at how often market watchers missed headlines. Mr. Button is also a currency analyst at Intermarket Strategy and was the chief currency strategist at XForex.

Adam's Articles

Prepare to hear/read this question at least 5x this week and the next...Is the bottom in, says Adam Button of
A measure of the extent of market uncertainty about inflation is revealed by just how receptive markets have been to recent central bank messages, says Adam Button of
US and world indices start the week well off Friday's highs, following a strong US retail sales release, which highlighted the old saying “never underestimate the spending power of Americans,” except for inflation, says Adam Button of
A long list of fears is weighing on risk appetite and adding to volatility at the moment, but each will be manageable or passing, except for inflation, says Adam Button of