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Rick Redding


Index Industry Association

  • Chief Executive Office at Index Industry Association (IIA)
  • Previous Managing Director at CME Group

About Rick

Rick Redding spent most of his career in senior leadership roles with The CME Group (CME), a leading provider of benchmark futures and options products and an innovator in futures trading. He held the post of managing director of products and services at CME. In this role Mr. Redding led global sales, product development, and strategic global growth initiatives. He played an integral part in the transition of CME's ownership stake in Dow Jones Indexes to the S&P Dow Jones Indices joint venture. Mr. Redding also held senior positions in CME's index products division.

Rick's Articles

This year the Index Industry Association (IIA) conducted our fifth annual global benchmark survey, states Rick Redding, of Index Industry Association.

Rick's Videos

Inflation is a silent thief. Should investors be worried? How can they defend their portfolios from it? Major bond indexes make no provision for it and CPI may not even be the right measure. This panel of experts will explore different ways to measure inflation and incorporate strategies to diversify fixed-income portfolios.