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Scott Nations


Nations Indexes, Inc.

  • President of Nations Indexes, Inc
  • Bestselling Author of the Anxious Investor
  • Regular Contributor on CNBC

About Scott

Scott Nations is the president of Nations Indexes, Inc., a bestselling author, and a contributor to CNBC where he regularly appears on-air to discuss markets, current economic events, and the outlook for a variety of financial vehicles. He founded Nations Indexes in 2014, the world's leading independent developer of volatility and option enhanced indexes and investment vehicles. Nations Indexes created the methodology used in the Nasdaq-100 Volatility Index (ticker symbol VOLQ). Prior to founding Nations Indexes, Mr. Nations was a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and was a market maker and floor manager for a leading index option trading firm.

Scott's Videos

Context matters in any situation—particularly in capital markets. Join Nasdaq's Kevin Davitt, EQDerivatives' and Indiana University Kelley School of Business' Dr. Russell Rhoads, Nations Indexes' Scott Nations, and Investors Alley's Jay Soloff to understand how volatile the market has been in 2022 relative to history. Don't miss out as they will explore a variety of volatility measures, as well as the tradeable products that may help you navigate future swings in the equity market.

As "volatility as an asset class" comes to the forefront of new-age investment strategies, it's important to understand the value of the measure and how it can be effectively leveraged. Join Nasdaq's Kevin Davitt, Nations Indexes Scott Nations, Toroso Investment's Jim Carroll, and Shore Capital Research's Mark Shore for a discussion about the current volatility landscape.
The ecosystem for trading volatility is growing. VOLQ Index Options and VOLQ futures are here. What does that mean for you? Join Nasdaq's Kevin Davitt, Nations Indexes' Scott Nations, CME's Craig Bewick, and Akuna Capital's John Bria for a discussion about the current state of volatility.

Join Nasdaq's John Black, Nations Indexes' Scott Nations, Interactive Brokers' Steve Sosnick, and Equity Armor Investments' Luke Rahbari for a lively panel discussion about volatility in 2022, incorporating it into portfolios and understanding its signals.

Scott's Books

Scott Nations

The Anxious Investor: Mastering the Mental Game of Investing

Scott Nations has spent his career studying market volatility. His firm, Nations Indexes, is the world’s leading independent developer of volatility and option-enhanced indexes. In The Anxiou