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  • Featured in The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Yahoo!Fiance, Business Insider, and more.
  • Hosts and produces the Superinvestors and the Art of Worldly Wisdom podcasts

About Jesse

Jesse began his professional career at Bear, Stearns & Co. and later co-founded a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund firm headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Since moving to Bend, Oregon in 2000 and founding The Felder Report shortly thereafter his writing and research has been featured in major publications and websites like The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Yahoo!Finance, Business Insider, RealVision, and more. Jesse also hosts and produces the Superinvestors and the Art of Worldly Wisdom podcast.

Jesse's Articles

This month (so far) has been the worst for the Nasdaq (NDX) since the stock market was in the throes of the Great Financial Crisis back in 2008, says Jesse Felder of
About a year ago, I noted that the “Index of the Volume of Speculation,” also known as margin debt, was in the process of putting in a blowoff top, states Jesse Felder of
The Fed minutes released Wednesday reveal the central bank intends to start reducing its balance sheet by as much as $95 billion per month beginning in May, states Jesse Felder of
I think there are times in the markets when it is useful to perform a certain sort of thought experiment, states Jesse Felder of