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About Danielle

Danielle Neziol has spent the last four years helping to drive the ETF product development and strategy at BMO ETFs by engaging stock exchanges, capital markets desks, index providers, and portfolio managers to bring new ETFs to market. More recently, Ms. Neziol is focusing most of her time with both investors and professionals to provide ETF insights and education. She has also been a guest speaker and panelist for both public and industry events, hosts the weekly webinar ETF Market Insights, and has a podcast which delivers ETF education to DIY investors. Ms. Neziol has an honors degree from Western University and is a level-three candidate in the CFA program.

Danielle's Videos

When thinking about dividend investing, investors usually consider stocks to buy that pay consistent dividends. But with so many stocks to choose from, how do you decide? In our session, we will introduce you to dividend investing using exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Simplifying the steps to help you choose dividend ETFs which give you the opportunity for a consistent and sustainable income from dividend payouts.

Learn about ways to enhance the income generated from your investment portfolio, with a variety of ETFs from BMO Global Asset Management that can be tailored for your specific goals and desired outcomes.
Hear from industry experts as they explore the many developments that have led to increased adoption of ETFs, in lieu of stocks and bonds, as the preferred building blocks for investment portfolios.
Mega trends are the disruptive innovations'' of a new product or service that potentially change the way the world works. These include advancements in scientific research relating to the areas of DNA technologies (genomics), industrial innovation in automation and robotics (automation), increased use of AI, deep learning, streaming (next generation internet), and technologies that make financial services more efficient (fintech innovation). Innovation is driving change. This has the potential for exponential growth. Come hear about the mega trends and how one can access them in newly launched ETFs from BMO ETFs (New tickers include: ZINN, ZFIN, ZINT, ZGEN, ZAUT)