Tony Daltorio is a freelance investment writer that joined Investors Alley in September 2016. For nearly two decades, he worked as a broker and supervisor at a major discount brokerage firm, where he met face-to-face with retail investors daily.

For over a decade now, he has devoted his time to writing about the markets. Tony has written for various investment research companies, including Motley Fool, Emerging Money, Wall Street Daily, Money Morning, Investment U, Commodity HQ, ETF Trends, Investopedia and Seeking Alpha.

Tony is also the editor for Investor Alley's Premium Digest and Investor Alley's Growth Stock Advisor.

Content from Tony Daltorio

Timeless Wisdom of Sir John Tempeton
Tony Daltorio Image Tony Daltorio

My favorite investor of all-time is Sir John Templeton (1912-2008). He may be gone, but he will always be remembered as…

Brookfield Infrastructure: Building a Buffett-Style Moat
Tony Daltorio Image Tony Daltorio

For income investors, one of my favorite plays is the builder, buyer, and operator of infrastructure assets around the…

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Investing in Water Infrastructure
Tony Daltorio Image Tony Daltorio

One problem that will not fade away any time soon is the availability of water that is safe for use and other related …

Tickers: FRTA | NWPX | FIW | CGW
A Conservative $10,000 ETF Portfolio
Tony Daltorio Image Tony Daltorio

Imagine for a moment that you've suddenly come into a $10,000 tax-free windfall. What would you do with that money? as…

Tickers: DTD | DLS | DGRE | TOTL
Two Bets on Healthcare Reform
Tony Daltorio Image Tony Daltorio

Don't be scared by headlines over healthcare reform; my bet is that o matter what sort of reform finally come out of C…

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Huntington Ingalls: Rising Tide for the Navy?
Tony Daltorio Image Tony Daltorio

something different, here's one under-the-radar defense stock that should enjoy a major boost in a Trump administratio…

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Building a Trump Portfolio
Tony Daltorio Image Tony Daltorio

What has been the one consistent trait of Donald Trump throughout his whole life? He has built things, observes Tony D…

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Two Favorite Media Plays
Tony Daltorio Image Tony Daltorio

Media stocks—once darlings of the market—have fallen out of favor due to changing viewing habits and disru…

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