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Tony Daltorio is a freelance investment writer that joined Investors Alley in September 2016. For nearly two decades, he worked as a broker and supervisor at a major discount brokerage firm, where he met face-to-face with retail investors daily.

For over a decade now, he has devoted his time to writing about the markets. Tony has written for various investment research companies, including Motley Fool, Emerging Money, Wall Street Daily, Money Morning, Investment U, Commodity HQ, ETF Trends, Investopedia and Seeking Alpha.

Tony is also the editor for Investor Alley's Premium Digest and Investor Alley's Growth Stock Advisor.

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New Look at Asset Allocation for Retirees

When suggesting a sample allocation for a 66-year old retiree, I think it is wise to tread a different path from what Wall Street tells you when it comes to stock allocation, suggests Tony Daltorio, e…

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Aerovironment: The Future of Drones

Until now people have looked at drones in one of two ways — either as a toy buzzing around a park or as a weapon, dealing destruction from the sky, notes Tony Daltorio, technology and growth sto…

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ETFs for Robots and Cobots

Cobots are collaborative machines that work side-by-side in industry with people. Probably sooner than most expect today, cobots will become the norm in industry around the world, notes growth stock e…

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Five Plays on Water

With demand for clean water expected to surge by over 85% by 2035, you’re looking at a phenomenal investing opportunity. Here are five stocks that are critical to making sure you have clean drin…

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The Age of Robots?

The age of robots is upon us. Indeed, I believe robotics is and will continue to be one of the best exponential growth industries you can invest in, notes Tony Daltorio, editor of Investing Daily's Gr…

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Idexx: Top Dog in Pet Diagnostics

Approximately $62.8 billion a year is spent by Americans on pets, according to the American Pet Products Association, while the global market for animal health medicines is estimated to be worth fro…

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Cognex: Robots and Cobots

Robots of all kinds are already among us. Think Alexa, drones and driverless cars. The type of robots though, from an investment perspective, that really catch my attention are cobots, says Tony Da…

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Six Ways to Play Cyber Threats

Protecting computers from cyber attacks is big business. We’re talking billions of dollars, and the growing need for cybersecurity makes these companies great purchases for growth over the nex…