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Crede Sheehy-Kelly

High Performance Psychologist,

Créde Performance

  • High Performance and Trading Psycholoist
  • Creator of Go Deep to Level Up Your Trading
  • International Speaker

About Crede

Crede Sheehy-Kelly is an internationally renowned high-performance psychologist with over 15 years of experience coaching world leaders in trading, business, and professional sport. Specializing in high-pressure domains where split-second decisions can make or break a career, she coaches traders and investors across the globe to excel under pressure and maximize profit, by taking control of their psychological capital and mastering the mental and emotional aspects of trading. Ms. Sheehy-Kelly is a leading expert in the science of mental training and combines this knowledge with an intuitive understanding of people to deliver world-class results for her clients. She is chartered as a psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland and is also accredited to provide sports psychology support to Olympic athletes.

Crede's Videos

Do you know exactly what you need to do to make profitable trades, but find yourself repeatedly getting in your own way? You bring yourself to every trade, so any limiting beliefs, negative behavior patterns, or self-doubt that linger in your subconscious will determine your actions in the markets. This webinar explores how increasing self-awareness and facing your core self can improve consistency and profitability and provides a practical roadmap for deep personal transformation.