Jamie Hopkins

Senior Vice President & Director,

Private Wealth Management

About Jamie

Jamie P. Hopkins is the SVP and director of Private Wealth Management. He has extensive wealth management experience, bringing innovative thinking, transformative leadership, and a strong reputation for fostering client relationships. In his role, Mr. Hopkins leads and grows Bryn Mawr Trust’s private wealth management business and helps shape the thought leadership around planning in the profession. Before joining Bryn Mawr Trust, he served as a managing partner at Carson Group. Mr. Hopkins is a graduate of Temple University School of Law, where he received his LL.M., and Villanova University School of Law, where he earned his juris doctorate. Hopkins earned a master’s degree in financial planning from The American College of Financial Services and an MBA from Villanova University. A Wall Street Journal best-selling author, educator, and executive speaker, Jamie Hopkins serves on numerous advisory boards around the financial services industry, including the fintech company Income Lab, and formerly as a national trustee member of NAIFA. He is also the founder and president of the 501(c)(3) non-profit, FinServ Foundation and was named as a top 10 Investopedia 100 Top Financial Advisor for 2023.

Jamie's Videos

Join us for an enlightening webinar featuring renowned retirement income expert and Income Lab board member, Jamie Hopkins, SVP of Private Wealth Management at Bryn Mawr Trust, as he delves into the cutting-edge concept of adaptive-based retirement income planning. In an era of evolving financial landscapes, technological enhancements, and uncertain market conditions, traditional retirement income strategies like the 4% distribution strategy may no longer suffice. In fact, most of our planning today is too binary, focused on success and failure rates that miss the whole point and behavioral aspects of generating real-world retirement income for clients. Jamie will shed light on the benefits of embracing adaptability in your retirement income planning, allowing you to navigate the complexities of today's financial world with confidence and resilience. Learn how to tailor your retirement income to your client's unique circumstances, effectively managing risks and optimizing an adaptive guardrail-based retirement income approach to deliver a more sustainable retirement income plan. Don't miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights from a leading authority in the field and enhance your financial future. Join us for this webinar and embark on a path toward a more secure and adaptive retirement.

A bear market for equities and a brutal year for bonds have presented retirement investors with numerous questions—and some possible opportunities. Is a 60/40 portfolio suddenly a viable option for retirees again. Hear three retirement experts, Christine Benz, Jamie Hopkins, and Tracey Longo, discuss these and other challenges as an unusual year winds down.