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Aaron West is president of MoneyShow. His 22-year history with the company has been the catalyst of significant growth and development of the digital division, He has led the initiative to expand the company's virtual conference division significantly, giving greater access to investors globally to log on and stream over 400 hours of in-depth, expert education each year. Mr. West leads the MoneyShow team with the constant pursuit of excellence for its vision to provide all investors and traders an interactive network of unbiased expert opinions on the markets, giving them every opportunity to make knowledgeable decisions about their money.

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Alternative Investments—often offered in the form of private placements—can provide investors with access to unique investment opportunities that generate attractive returns using strategies and instruments that are not available through standard, publicly offered investments. Traditionally offered to an elite club of wealthy smart money investors, changes to long-standing regulation in the United States means that alternative investments are now being offered to a broader audience of individual investors, many of whom are searching for investment opportunities that are less correlated to the stock market. While the appeal of these unique opportunities and associated potential returns can appear obvious, selecting the right alternative investment can be a daunting challenge even for the most seasoned financial advisor.

The MoneyShow Accredited Investor Virtual Expo will kick off on January 26, 2021 with alternative investment specialist attorney and investor, Marc X. LoPresti, Esq. He will share insights gleaned from his 20+ years of experience in the alternative investment space to provide the MoneyShow audience with must-know basics on understanding alternative investments including: alternative vs. traditional investment options, deal structure, due diligence, liquidity considerations, and portfolio allocation.

Aaron West will provide the welcome remarks to kick off the general sessions on the second day of the show.
The president of MoneyShow, Aaron West, welcomes traders to The TradersEXPO and offers a preview of what's ahead over the next few days of the show.