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Michael Proffe

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About Michael

 Michael Proffe is the founder of Proffe Invest. Before becoming a world-renowned professional investor, he was a successful, industrial, German engineer and certified pilot. He began his stock-picking career in 1987. After buying a couple of stocks in a particular industry, he wondered how one stock in an industry significantly outperforms while others underperform. Answering this simple question was the genesis of his investing strategy. Mr. Proffe began to dedicate much of his spare time to look at the markets in order to answer one simple question that we all ask: “How do you find stocks that are rising steadily, and what makes them different from those that are doomed, or will simply tread water?” By 1991, he had a pretty good idea of the answer. He left his engineering profession and became a full-time market analyst. By 2005, using a proprietary set of fundamental, technical, and sentimental indicators, he ‘German-engineered’ a portfolio strategy known as the Trendsetter Strategy that works in all markets using accessible, liquid stocks and is elegantly simple to use. Since then, he has become one of the most influential European investors and a financial expert worldwide. With clients across the continent, he believes that investing shouldn’t be a full-time job for his subscribers. Instead, Mr, Proffe and Proffe Invest’s researchers do the heavy lifting and provide easy-to-follow instructions on building your nest egg, regardless of economic conditions. Today, he currently resides in Switzerland, where he skis, drives, and tinkers with his collection of Porsches (once an engineer, always an engineer!), and flies his planes. 

Michael's Articles

(Sponsored Content) Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is back to its all-time highs again after Artificial Intelligence (AI) sparked a massive tech-driven market rally during 2023. In the past eight years, AMD has gained 4,800%. And the exciting thing is, it’s just starting a new growth phase, observes Michael Proffe, founder and editor of Proffe’s Trend Portfolio.