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Ken Fisher

Founder, Executive Chairman, and Co-Chief Investment Officer,

Fisher Investments

  • Founder, Executive Chairman, and Co-Chief Investment Officer at Fisher Investments
  • Wrote the Forbes Portfolio Strategy Column for 32 Years
  • Best-Selling Author

About Ken

Ken Fisher is the founder, executive chairman, and co-chief investment officer of Fisher Investments, a $200+ billion global money management firm serving large institutions and high-net-worth individuals throughout most of the developed world. Mr. Fisher wrote the Forbes Portfolio Strategy column for 32+ years in 2017, making him the longest continuously running columnist in Forbes history. He now writes weekly columns for USA Today and Germany's Focus Money, and monthly columns in the United Kingdom's Financial Times, Denmark's B, the Netherland's Telegraaf and Spain's El Economista. Mr. Fisher authored 11 books, including four New York Times bestsellers-and has been published, interviewed and written about in publications globally.

Ken's Videos

Ken will introduce significant concepts embedded in our world that no one now contemplates or sees--which will lead to a good to great 2024 stock market world. These will span non-partisan politics impacting markets, cultural sentiment impacts, and the recoil, refresh acceleration effect. You will hear and see things you've not encountered before. 

After a super first half of 2023 for stocks, what can we say is a likely future path? How will election-year politics fit in? Where are we in the economic cycle in a world where the world's longest-ever anticipated recession didn't come? With so many people wrong in 2023, will they be similarly wrong in 2024? All this and more with predictions, data, and visuals by Ken Fisher.

What's right and wrong about what I said last December and what do politics imply about '23's return. Join Ken Fisher for lessons from past bear markets about the future and 2022's hidden seeds likely to grow and bloom ahead. Where we're likely to go with inflation, rates, and FED-upness. And, if you remain bearish, learn the lessons of 23 Skiddo so you won't be inappropriate. Fewer visuals, more Q&A.
Sharks are biting everywhere and there's a heavy undertow with wild waves swimming on top of calmer waters ahead. In this webinar, Ken Fisher will discuss how market turmoil fuels better markets generating rewards for patience now. Furthermore, Mr. Fisher will outline what the current traumas of war, inflation, FED tightening, and high oil prices all indicate looking further out.