Bob Lang

President and Chief Options Strategist,

Explosive Options

  • Top Technical Analyst and Expert Options Trader
  • Go-to Chartist for Jim Cramer
  • Author of Know Your Options…

About Bob

Bob Lang is a private trader in equity and option markets at his company, Aztec Capital LLC. Through Explosive Options, he acts as an options trading mentor, providing trade ideas based on what he's doing for his own clients. Mr. Lang's focus is on building strong, long-term relationships with his subscribers and making options trading for income more accessible. Using his technical expertise and a direct, hands-on approach, he provides time-sensitive trading information in real-time. Mr. Lang serves as one of Jim Cramer's go-to technical experts on Mad Money and regularly contributes to TheStreet.com. Previously, he managed a $300 million pension and 401(k) plan for a Southern California cooperative. In early 2000, Mr. Lang launched Aztec Partners, a hedge fund for private and institutional clients, which was a top-performing fund that year relative to its peer group. In 2002, he worked with floor traders in the active bond-trading group of Countrywide Capital Markets, and in 2011, he launched Explosive Options.

Bob's Articles

You know the saying “the cream always rises to the top?” It is often true regarding the stock market, states Bob Lang of Explosive Options.
Last week, we closed the books on the first half of 2021, so naturally we ponder who the market leaders will be for the next six months, states Bob Lang of Explosive Options.
If you’re a full-time trader of stocks, options, commodities, Bitcoin, or some other asset class, you’ve had your share of good days and bad days, states Bob Lang of Explosive Options.
As an options trader, you have to take risks in order to produce a nice return, states Bob Lang of Explosive Options.

Bob's Videos

Many are confused but fascinated about options and option trading. It's not as hard as you think, Bob Lang will talk about it in this educational presentation and show you how to get started using a disciplined and principled method. He'll discuss using options as hedging vehicles to reduce volatility and risk when the markets encounter rough waters.

When volatility is low options are cheap points out Bob Lang, who encourages traders to view this as low-cost portfolio insurance.

Bob Lang explains how to trade earnings reports using out-of-the-money puts and calls. Why Netflix broke down in July and how you can spot profitab

Bob Lang explains how to use puts to buy protection in volatile market conditions. How to deal with big moves to the downside. Why executing calend

Bob's Books

Bob Lang

Know Your Options: How to Build Wealth Using Proven Options Trading Strategies and Technical Analysis

Co-authored by Bob Lang, one of the industry’s top technicians, this is the only book on the market that provides background information on how options trading works, how to succeed over the long-term, and how to use technical analysis to find winning trades. It also includes detailed examples of what strategies to use, when to use them, and how to us
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