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Gary Alexander is senior writer for Navellier & Associates. Prior to that, he was senior executive editor for investment newsletters at InvestorPlace Media from 1989 to 2009. At InvestorPlace, Mr. Alexander helped launch Richard Band's Profitable Investing, John Dessauer's Investor's World, Louis Navellier's Blue Chip Growth Letter and Global Growth Letter, and several other newsletters. In the 1980s, he edited Gold Newsletter and Wealth Magazine for James U. Blanchard. Prior to that, Mr. Alexander was a consulting editor to Personal Finance and other newsletters at KCI.

Gary's Articles

A century ago, hyper-inflation was reaching the explosion point in one nation, while a deflationary boom was about to begin in another. The first event caused a national revolution that led the world into its worst nightmare of the century. The second led to another kind of nightmare, but one that helped defeat the first, writes Gary Alexander, senior editor of Navellier & Co.
Will the 2020s be more like another “Roaring 1920s” or the stagflationary 1970s? Like economist Ed Yardeni, I’d bet 2-to-1 for the ‘20s scenario, but nothing is certain. It depends on our national choices. It’s not too late to chart the fate of this decade’s course, writes Gary Alexander, senior editor of Navellier & Co.