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Cole McDowell


Parking Vault

  • Founder and CEO of Auto Parking Vault
  • Career Focused on Building and Developing Change in Commercial Real Estate
  • Engineering Degree from Texas Tech University

About Cole

Cole McDowell, CEO of Parking Vault, is a visionary. His career has been about building and developing change in commercial real estate. He is now set to change the way we use real estate to park cars. Come listen to his patented approach and investment opportunity.

Cole's Videos

Find out why investors should be taking a closer look at the commercial parking garage space and learn how parking automation is poised to impact commercial real estate around the world. Parking Vault’s patented technologies increase parking efficiencies while reducing capital costs. Discover the future of parking with solutions that benefit the environment and consumer while creating financial benefits for the owner and developer. 

Tune in to hear MoneyShow Editor-in-Chief Mike Larson discuss the Parking Vault concept and how investors can participate in the firm’s opportunity with CEO Cole McDowell. 

Learn what this PropTech company is doing to change parking and how to invest in this technology.

Learn what this property technology company is doing to change parking and how YOU can Invest!