Mark Benzaquen

Senior Investor Services Specialist,

Options Clearing Corporation (OCC)

  • Senior investor services specials at the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC)
  • Instructor at Options Industry Council (OIC)
  • 25 years industry experience

About Mark

Mark Benzaquen is a senior investor services specialist at the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC). He began his career in options with Stafford Trading, LLC in 1997 before transitioning to brokerage operations with MF Global in 2000. For more than a decade, Mr. Benzaquen was the lead broker for his firm in the NDX/RUT trading pit, gaining special insight into customer order flow and trade execution. At OCC, he is responsible for providing support to a comprehensive options resource center that provides information and education about options and supports all products traded on all OCC participant exchanges. In addition to his responsibilities with OCC, he also serves as an instructor of the Options Industry Council (OIC), conducting option seminars and presenting online webinars to all segments of the investing community, including registered Representatives and Advisors as well as individual investors.

Mark's Videos

Many investors understand what to do in bullish and bearish market situations, but what about when stocks, ETFs or indexes are trading in a narrow range? That's when options may be the difference as they can offer an array of opportunities for these situations. Join Mark Benzaquen of the Options Industry Council for a session that explores three limited-risk options strategies for sideways markets.

When an investor is starved for income from their portfolios, that's where options can come in. Exchange-listed options can provide investors with a way to generate income in up, down, and sideways markets while potentially reducing portfolio risk. Join me as I discuss options income generating strategies including Bear Call Spreads, Bull Put Spreads, and the ever-popular Iron Condor!

Let's face it-an options trader can have their good days and their bad. While many traders are adept at managing their losers, most have no idea how to take advantage of their winners. Letting it ride and playing with the House's money aren't just for Vegas. Join me as I help you learn to lock in profits, reduce or eliminate risk, and even double down!

Attendees will pick from a list of 10 questions and our instructor trio will take it from there in this exciting and dynamic Q&A session. Topics choices include: options pricing; buying and selling; income-generating strategies; spreads; synthetics; repair/exit strategies and more.