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Sean McLaughlin has been trading for 24 years and is the chief options strategist at AllStarCharts.com, where he leverages best-in-class technical analysis into smarter directional and neutral options trade ideas for a growing professional and retail subscriber base. Mr. McLaughlin got his start in 1998 scalping NASDAQ stocks at a proprietary trading firm. In 2006, he began focusing almost exclusively on equity options trading. Later on, Mr. McLaughlin served as the director of community at StockTwits, then a senior market strategist for Trade Ideas, LLC. All throughout, he has remained engaged in active trading for his own account and has been enthusiastically involved in trader education and mentorship.

Sean's Articles

There is probably a certain segment of the investing population that would look askance at me if I mentioned we’re seeing “strength in China,” states Sean McLaughlin of AllStarCharts.com.
To quote our head technical analyst at All Star Charts, Steve Strazza: “Bullish setups are hard to come by these days”, states Sean McLaughlin of AllStarCharts.com.
It’s been a minute since we’ve put some delta-neutral credit spreads on, states Sean McLaughlin of AllStarCharts.com.
We play with the cards we are dealt, states Sean McLaughlin of AllStarCharts.com.

Sean's Videos

In this webinar, Sean McLaughlin will discuss how implied volatility helps options traders determine the right strategy to employ when expressing a bullish, bearish, or neutral trade thesis.