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Larry Williams has been a trader and market researcher since the mid-1960s and is the author of numerous books and a speaker at major investment conferences throughout the world. Currently his time is spent in full-time trading and research. Mr. Williams has created numerous market indicators including Williams % R, the ultimate oscillator, COT indicators, POIVI (a combination of price open interest volume accumulation indicator), synthetic VIX indexes that have applications for all markets, and pioneered the use of the Kelly ratio for money management. He has won the Robbins World Cup trading championship, trading $10,000 to over $1 million in real-time with this money management technique.

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Why Daytrading Can Give You Nightmares

Fast-moving markets and electronic trading have made daytrading even harder, says Larry Williams, while swing traders have more time to allow trends to work in their favor. We're talkin…

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Trading Tenets That Span Five Decades

The skills that have guided Larry Williams in his 50-year career are ones even rookies can copy, he says, sharing easy-to-follow advice for maintaining simplicity and sound money management. Today, …

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Easy Way to Get Burned by Seasonality

No seasonal patterns are set in stone, warns Larry Williams, but traders can look for important validation signals before executing seasonal trades to vastly improve their odds. We're t…

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When Seasonality Can Be Misleading

Never take a trade just based on seasonal patterns, warns Larry Williams, who instead uses them to confirm or strengthen signals given by charts and volume. My guest today is Larry Williams, and La…

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Trades That Have Worked for 50 Years

Reflecting on his 50 years trading the markets, Larry Williams can still identify certain market-moving forces that remain just as constant and in play even today. My special guest today is Larry W…

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Market Outlook 2012

I believe there are several things that will affect markets in 2012. The most significant of which will be the decline in gold, which I envision will take place shortly after the firs…