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Better Money Decisions

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Kate Stalter is a co-owner and investment advisor representative with Better Money Decisions, one of the fastest-growing asset management firms in the country. Better Money Decisions has offices in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico and Phoenix. She is an investment columnist for Forbes and US News & World Report, and host of the "America Talks Money" podcast. Ms. Stalter is a former markets editor and national speaker for Investor's Business Daily. She specializes in solving challenging financial problems for clients approaching retirement or already retired. Better Money Decisions uses scientifically designed, asset-allocation portfolios, tailored for each client's unique needs. Her new book is called, Don't Let Your Money Kick the Bucket Before You Do!

Kate's Articles

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Kate's Videos

In a world where hedge funds, private equity, real estate, impact investing, and other alternative investments dominate the headlines, portfolios ranging from 60% to 80% equities and 20% to 40% fixed-income securities appear to be anachronisms. Hear how these advisors are adapting their clients' portfolios to square with new realities and deliver returns that help clients reach their financial goals.