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Don Kaufman



  • Co-Founder of TheoTrade
  • 19 Years of Financial Industry Experience
  • Began Career at thinkorswim

About Don

Don is one of the industry's leading financial strategists and educational authorities. With more than 19 years of financial industry experience, Mr. Kaufman oversees TheoTrade's firm wide strategy and deployment initiatives, while designing and executing upon innovative content in the financial education space.Prior to TheoTrade, Mr. Kaufman spent 6 years at TD Ameritrade as Director of the Trader Group. At TD Ameritrade Mr. Kaufman handled thinkorswim content and client education which included the design, build, and execution of what has become the industry standard in financial education. He started his career at thinkorswim in 2000 (acquired by TD Ameritrade in 2009), where he served as chief derivatives instructor, helping the firm progress into the industry leader in retail options trading and investor education services.

Don's Articles

The government shutdown is now the longest in history and it is delaying economic reports traders rely on as fundamental gauges on the economy, says Don Kaufman.

Don's Videos

Join TheoTrade's Don Kaufman as he exhibits the following skills in a LIVE Trading Environment

  • Determine effective trading logic so you can turn chaos and volatility into profitability.
  • Learn how to cope with risks and understand your portfolio exposure like never before.
  • See what strategies need to be deployed and why going on the offensive can be wildly profitable in the midst of volatility.
  • Discover what skills you could be implementing and why these tactics are imperative to your success.

At TradersExpo New York, Don Kaufman explains the difference between stock market implied volatility and historic volatility--and what it means for investors and traders.
Join TheoTrade's co-founder Don Kaufman as he puts his money where his mouth is. Don will fire trades in stocks, options, and futures and walk you through the gamut of criteria used to find effective risk/reward setups in the markets.

Join TheoTrade Co-Founder Don Kaufman for a detailed look behind how to position your portfolio, investments, and trading accounts for the onslaught of coming volatility. Learn why the change of administration, negative interest rates, poor fiscal reforms, and quantitative easing will lead to one of the most advantageous markets in history.