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Robert Prechter

Founder and President

Elliott Wave International


Robert Prechter is the founder and president of Elliott Wave International. In 1978, his first book, Elliott Wave Principle, forecast a 1920s-style stock market boom. His 2002 title, Conquer the Crash, predicted the current debt crisis. Mr. Prechter proposed a new approach to social science in Socionomics-the Science of History and Social Prediction. In 2007, The Journal of Behavioral Finance published his paper on financial theory titled The Financial/Economic Dichotomy. His latest paper, Social Mood, Stock Market Performance and U.S. Presidential Elections, is available online at the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). Mr. Prechter has made presentations on socionomic theory to Oxford, Cambridge, Trinity, MIT, the London School of Economics, Georgia Tech, SUNY and academic conferences. Read more at www.robertprechter.com.