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Deron Wagner

Founder and Head Portfolio Manager,

Morpheus Trading Group

About Deron

Deron Wagner, head of MTG, is the author and co-author of several popular trading books published by Bloomberg Press, Wiley, and McGraw-Hill. He is also a popular guest speaker at global investment conferences such as MoneyShow, and has appeared on CNBC, ABC, and Yahoo! FinanceVision television networks. In addition to The Wagner Daily and Morpheus Crypto services, Mr. Wagner is also a contributor to mainstream financial publications including Investor's Business Daily, Barron's, Active Trader,, and Stock Futures and Options.

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The stock market began 2023 with positive indications of improvement; however, it's important not to be misled, states Deron Wagner, Founder and Head Trader at Morpheus Trading Group (MTG).

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Investing in crypto can be as simple as placing a stock trade, but knowing the crucial differences is your key to staying safe and succeeding in crypto. In this powerful session, Wagner shares nine years of crypto swing trading experience to help you discover how cryptocurrencies compare to stocks, different types of cryptocurrencies to focus on, and the best methods and tips to secure your crypto assets. Regardless of experience level, you will come away armed with the tools and knowledge to succeed by trading crypto the right way.
Deron Wagner thinks you shouldn't wait and try to catch the top or bottom before trading, but rather just follow the market's momentum.