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Jack Ablin is executive vice president and chief investment officer with BMO Private Bank. As head of macro strategy, he chairs the Asset Allocation, Mutual Fund Re-Optimization, and Harriscreen Stock Selection Committees and is responsible for establishing investment policy and strategy within BMO Private Bank throughout the US. Mr. Ablin joined the organization in 2001 and has three decades of experience in money management. He earned a Bachelor's degree from Vassar College and received an MBA from Boston University. Mr. Ablin is a member of the CFA Society of Chicago, holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, and is a CFA Institute Charter holder.

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Should the Minimum Wage Be Raised?

For Jack Ablin, Chief Investment Officer at BMO Private Bank, the minimum wage should be raised, and here are his reasons why. TERRY:  I'm Terry Savage from MoneyShow.com.  We're talking wi…

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Is the Market Dependent on the Fed?

The US government is no longer looking for quick fixes for the economy, but concrete solutions, says Jack Ablin, Chief Investment Officer at BMO Private Bank. TERRY:  I'm Terry Savage from Mone…

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Keeping His Fingers Crossed

Jack Ablin uses a variety of technical tools to determine his outlook for the market in 2014, which, for the most part, is fairly positive. TERRY:  I’m Terry Savage and our guest today is …

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How Were 2nd Quarter Earnings?

Seasoned investor Jack Ablin analyzes the second quarter earnings with some cautionary thoughts for both earnings and revenue projections going forward. SPEAKER:  Hi, my guest today is Jack Ab…

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Risk For Income Investors

Market expert Jack Ablin discusses the risks faced by income investors and where he thinks they should be looking in today's environment. SPEAKER ONE:  My guest today is Jack Ablin and we are …

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Just a Dip Ahead

Veteran investor and BMO's CIO Jack Ablin, discusses the recent market decline, the prospect of Fed tapering, and what he sees for the market in the next few months. SPEAKER: Hi, my gue…

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More Bumps Ahead

The markets will see more bubbles and declines as long as policymakers avoid the real debt issues...but once taken care of, a big bull market could shine through, says Jack Ablin. Jack, it’s…

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How to Ride a Bubble Bath

The market has been riding high and a decline could be steep, says Jack Ablin, who shares a few plays he feels are less likely to explode later this year. Jack, it's great to have you with us. Tell…