Jay Pelosky

Founder and Principal,

TPW Advisory

About Jay

Forward looking and thematic, Jay Pelosky is the founder and principal at TPW Advisory where he leverages his proprietary work on the Tri Polar World (TPW) and Global Risk Nexus (GRN) to generate original, differentiated, and actionable investment advice, including his Model Portfolio Delivery Service (MPDS), for individual and institutional investors alike. Mr. Pelosky invests alongside his MPDS clients, investing his own capital in a global, multi asset, ETF based style for almost 20 years. He has over 30 years of multi-asset investment experience in roughly 50 countries. At Morgan Stanley, he was a top II ranked strategist in global asset allocation, global equity, and global emerging markets.

Jay's Articles

2021 was a pretty good financial year; our “Golden Age of Asset Allocation” outlook piece aged well, but in this age of speed it's focus forward or get run over, states Jay Pelosky of TPW Advisory.
Our first TPW update in almost two years focuses on The Age of Speed—Covid speed, climate speed, and analytical speed and how it is likely to accelerate the process of regional integration in the tri-polar world of Europe, Asia, and the Americas, states Jay Pelosky of TPW Advisory.
It almost feels weird typing those words, “more bullish,” given that the S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) had its best five-day period of the year, which went exactly as planned, states Jay Palosky of TPW Advisory.
With a nod to Ray Kurzweil’s famous book: The Singularity Is Near about the fusing of man & machine, I would like to note the coming synchronicity of regional reopenings to finally encompass the globe, states Jay Palosky of TPW Advisory.

Jay's Videos

Our 2022 playbook session will focus on three main areas. First, the thematic investment implications of a macro backdrop featuring above trend growth supported by sustained negative real yields. Second, SPEED's impact on thematic investing be it Covid speed, Climate speed, or Analytical speed, and the powerful implications of convergence amongst all three. Third, our take on whether the late 2021 selling of thematics represents the start or the finish of a bear market before concluding with our favored themes and thematic ETFs for the year ahead.
TPW Advisory (TPWA) developed the Covid Speed concept in early 2020 to help understand Covid's impact on the investment world. Out of that work came the Covid Speed Model: The deployment of global intellectual and financial capital to solve a single issue-a Covid vaccine-which succeeded in developing multiple vaccines in 1/10th the normal time. This model represents a secular change that will be utilized to address other critical global issues such as climate, cybersecurity and the melding of traditional finance, fintech, and crypto. Climate, with its 2030 date certain for peak carbon, its 100% global nature, and its in-your-face extreme weather visibility is THE global trend of the 2020s. Jay Pelosky and TPWA believes ETF-based, thematic investing represents the best way for investors to gain access to these investment opportunities. So much so that they created the TPW 20, a 100% thematic global model portfolio comprised of 20 select ETFs covering roughly a dozen distinct themes. Join us to learn more!