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Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, FUTURES, TRADING

Sam Shames

Director of Equities,

Simpler Trading

  • Specialized in options, equities and macro trading using short-term signals

About Sam

Sam began trading index futures and equities in 2006. Learning how to make money in any market was the most important lesson from this time. An aggressive swing trader, Mr. Shames works to understand the markets through technical analysis and recognize the psychology and correlations of each chart. His experience has led him to join the Simpler Trading team and share profitable trading ideas with the Simpler Trading members.

Sam's Articles

Sam Shames, vice president of Options at Simpler Trading, speaks about how to manage your risk position and sizing your trades using sophisticated indicators like the EMAs and squeeze techniques.

Sam's Videos

In this session Sam Shames will discuss the correlations that drive Bitcoin and crypto markets. He will review crypto indices that Simpler Trading has developed that show whether Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other coins are showing the most vibrancy to trade. They believe the crypto market is still in its early developmental stage, similar to the internet in the 90's, and as such Mr. Shames will also cover broader trends that crypto can disrupt as the ecosystem grows.