Gene Munster

Managing Partner and Co-Founder,

Deepwater Asset Management

  • Managing Partner of Loup Ventures
  • Named Best on the Street from The Wall Street Journal
  • Named Top Stock Picker from Forbes

About Gene

Gene Munster is a managing partner and co-founder at Deepwater Assest Management. Prior to Deepwater Assest Management, he was a managing director and senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray where he covered technology companies including Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. During his 21-year tenure, Mr. Munster received many acknowledgements including: "Top Stock Picker" from Forbes, "Best on the Street" from The Wall Street Journal, and was widely recognized for his work on Apple. He holds a Bachelor's degree in finance and entrepreneurship from University of St. Thomas.

Gene's Videos

2022 was a difficult year for technology investors and the technology sector as a whole. Private and public valuations fell as founders and funders questioned their prior exuberance, while companies laid off workers and shelved some investment projects. Will the tech retrenchment continue in 2023? Or will a tech sector renaissance follow? What forces will drive action in the space...and which new visionary products and services could tip the scales for the better? Find out in this informative and interactive panel discussion.

Join Gene Munster, managing partner and co-founder of Deepwater Asset Management, as he provides you with a comprehensive analysis of the technology sector and investment opportunities within it. Gene will cover the recent struggles in tech, as well as explain why he believes things will improve in the next couple of quarters. He will also discuss exciting developments in underlying technologies such as ChatGPT, AI, the Metaverse, and the battery and chip space—and how investors can capitalize on them. You won't want to miss this session with an analyst who has spent more than 21 years analyzing the industry.

SpaceX made history with the launch into orbit of the first manned space capsule by a private company. While we may not be vacationing in Mars any time soon, we are living in a world where technology is evolving faster than ever. In this panel discussion, get up to speed on the latest trends in the industry, explore breakthrough technologies, and hear about the most innovative disruptors reshaping the future, including stocks you'll want to own today—And even years from now!
What has worked in the past likely won't provide the same outperformance in the future. The next FAANG outlines areas of tech leadership for the next decade.