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Viral Tolat

Founder, Chairman, & CTO,

Neural Engines, Inc.,

About Viral

Viral Tolat is a technology entrepreneur and investor with a passion for artificial intelligence and crypto. Throughout his career spanning over 30 years, Mr. Tolat has been the cofounder of a leading Forex trading platform and has held senior positions at various fintech companies and investment banks, primarily in trading technology. He received his BS in electrical engineering from University of Miami and a masters and PhD from Stanford. Most recently, Mr. Tolat is with Neural Engines, Inc., which is developing a foundation AI model for finance and other verticals. He also serves on the board of Quadency, a retail crypto trading platform. Mr. Tolat actively trades futures, equities and crypto.

Viral's Videos

Bitcoin has become the dominant digital currency since its creation. The underlying technology, called blockchain, has been used to create many other digital assets and now countries are making plans to use this underlying technology to create digital versions of their currencies. In this webinar, we will present a brief history of Bitcoin and then discuss the evolution of newer digital assets and CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies). Viewers will learn about the technology underlying Bitcoin and Digital Currencies, wallets, security, and how transactions will work. We will also present the security benefits as well as the pitfalls of moving to a cashless system.

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October 4 - 5, 2023