Ezra Roizen

General Manager,

Advsr, LLC

  • Founder of Advsr, Startup Strategy & M&A Advisory Platform
  • Author of Magic Box Paradigm, A framework for Startup Acquisitions
  • Chairman of Vator, Community for Startup Founders & Investors

About Ezra

Ezra Roizen is the general manager of Advsr a startup M&A advisory firm helping startups frame their markets and develop relationships with strategic partners. Mr. Roizen is also the chairman of Vator, a community of entrepreneurs, and a representative of Ackrell Capital, a boutique investment bank. He is the author of Magic Box Paradigm: A Framework for Startup Acquisitions. Mr. Roizen started his career as an entrepreneur, co-founding two technology companies: Montclare Technologies and Convoy Corporation.

Ezra's Videos

2021 has been a SPACtacular year, but are we seeing cracks? Tune in to this webinar with Ezra Roizen to get a 360-degree view of SPACs: How they work, why issuers love them, and key considerations for investors. Plus, he will give a market overview of current SPAC trends and dynamics. In just 30 minutes, you'll SPAC like a pro!
Building on Ezra Roizen's prior talks on startup investing strategies and the mechanics of doing the deal, he is now going to dig on where and how to find great startup investment opportunities. Mr. Roizen will discuss strategies for building your deal flow, sourcing startup opportunities across company stages, and mapping opportunities to your priorities. He is going to give you the tools to play the startup investing game like a pro! Mr. Roizen recommends you watch his prior two talks to ensure you are ready to get the most out of this next session!
Building on Ezra Roizen's prior talk on startup investment strategies, he will now dive-in on how to actually evaluate and structure the deal. Valuation strategies, investment structure, deal terms, both what's best for the startup and what's best for you! Given that Mr. Roizen's series builds on his previous talks he recommends you watch his last MoneyShow presentation: Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Venture Capitalist? so you are ready to close the deal in this session.
A friend of Ezra Roizen invested $5,000 in Uber's seed round, and he cleared $25,000,000, a 5,000x return. Want to hear about him? Another friend invested $5,000,000 in a startup and lost every penny, or do you want to hear about him? Private company investing isn't for the faint of heart, and it's as much about your gut instinct as it is about any numbers on the page. In this session Mr. Roizen is going to arm you with some street smarts for how to look at private placement opportunities, signals of potential success, tools for evaluating risk, and frameworks for matching opportunities to your personal investment strategy. Get your VC on!
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