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Jared Dillian


Mauldin Economics

  • Contributor at Mauldin Economics and Columnist at Bloomberg Opinion
  • Author of Street Freak: Money and Madness at Lehman Brothers
  • Host of The Jared Dillian Show podcast

About Jared

Jared Dillian is an investment strategist at Mauldin Economics and the editor of The Daily Dirtnap, a daily market newsletter for investment professionals, continuously published since 2008. He is also the author of Street Freak: Money and Madness at Lehman Brothers, which was named BusinessWeek's #1 general business book of 2011, and the novel All the Evil of This World, published in 2016. Mr. Dillianhas contributed to Bloomberg Opinion, Forbes, and TheStreet.com. His media appearances include MSNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, BNN, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Business Insider, MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance, and dozens of local and syndicated radio programs.

Jared's Books

Jared Dillian

Street Freak: Money and Madness at Lehman Brothers

Dillian rose from green associate, checking IDs at the entrance to the trading floor in the paranoid days following 9/11, to become an integral part of Lehman’s culture in its final years as the firm’s head Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) trader. 
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