Ian Saunders

Asset Management Research Analyst,

Dorsey Wright & Associates

About Ian

Ian Saunders joined Nasdaq Dorsey Wright in 2014 as a research intern. He began working in a full-time capacity in 2018 after graduating from the College of William and Mary with a degree in economics and a minor in accounting. As a research analyst, Mr. Saunders has aided in the development of investment solutions and tools on the NDW platform and has provided commentary for the NDW Daily Equity and Market Analysis Report. He also leads educational initiatives on point and figure methodology and relative strength investing.

Ian's Videos

The COVID-19 virus has led to significant changes to the global equity landscape thus far through 2020, with some areas faring far worse than others. This has made it increasingly important that investors maintain an objective view when evaluating opportunities amid the uncertainty around the world. Ian Saunders, analyst at Nasdaq Dorsey Wright, will discuss how recent price movement within Chinese equities has led the country to demonstrate strength when compared to other international equity markets.