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Lisa Hannam is the executive editor of MoneySense, Canada's most trusted lifestyle brand about all things money. MoneySense helps over 450,000 Canadians every month with personal finance, insurance, investing, and more. She has an extensive journalism background as an acclaimed writer and editor, spanning over 20 years, working for some of Canada's largest glossy magazines, daily newspapers, and popular websites. Ms. Hannam is a leading force in the success of MoneySense, creating some of the publication's most viewed and sought-after content. She writes and edits popular articles about personal finance, insurance, banking, investing, practical money tips, and more.

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The last year has tested Canadian real estate investors with high-interest rates and inventory issues. To give you some insight into the markets—Canada-wide!—MoneySense teamed up with Zoocasa. They analyzed real estate data to reveal the regions and neighbourhoods offering the most value to Canadian buyers in 2023. Find out the top spots in Canada, the best neighbourhoods in Toronto and Vancouver and what else the data reveals.

The TINA acronym is often used to inspire optimism for low-performing markets as we've seen in 2022. With a growing ETF market and investors looking to explore alternatives, our industry-leading panelists share what ETF types investors should consider, from rising industries and ESG to factor ETFs, as well as the ETF strategies and products that make sense right now and into 2023.

In this session, MoneySense executive editor Lisa Hannam will discuss strategies with Daniel Straud, the director of ETF research and strategy with National Bank of Canada.

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ETFs & Investing Strategies

November 28 - 29, 2023