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Adam Johnson is the founder and author of, a weekly investment letter that explores American Ingenuity through actionable stock picks. He also runs the American Ingenuity portfolio at Kensington Investment Counsel. Previously he anchored several daily programs at Bloomberg Television, interviewing CEOs, heads of state, and prominent investors. During his three-decade career on Wall Street, he has traded stocks, options, and oil for ING Asset Management, Louis Dreyfus, and Merrill Lynch. He graduated from Princeton with a degree in economics. He resides in New York City.

Adam's Articles

Small cap stocks trade at historically cheap valuations due to historically high interest rates. But steady to lower rates and a “no recession” economic scenario could catalyze meaningful upside. Plus, the nation’s largest telecommunications infrastructure contractor – Dycom Industries (DY) -- leverages AI and 5G at low valuation, notes Adam Johnson, editor of Bullseye Brief.
I think financials are on the cusp of a new bull market, having survived the dual threats of recession angst and rising rates, asserts Adam Johnson, growth stock specialist and editor of Bullseye Brief.
Our portfolio includes 45 stocks spanning six dynamic investment themes with long runways for growth, explains Adam Johnson; here, the editor of Bullseye Brief offers an update on some of his top ideas within the financial space.
Stocks are rising for a third consecutive quarter despite ongoing uncertainty and residual bearishness. The narrative around inflation, rates, and policy continues to improve as employment remains resilient. I call this the “Most Hated Rally Ever” – because the train has left the station and no one is on it, notew Adam Johnson, editor of Bullseye Brief.

Adam's Videos

The past 18 months have proven the most challenging trading environment since the Financial Crisis, possibly even the past several decades. Yet targeted data and thoughtful analysis helped traders stay level-headed, even as many of TV's talking heads lost theirs. Former Bloomberg anchor and veteran portfolio manager Adam Johnson shares some of his secrets that got him through the storm, navigating the gulf between fact and fiction.

How we move is changing fast and it's not about building a faster Tesla. 30-ft drones transport US Air Force personnel across sprawling bases. Fuel cells power construction equipment, lifting thousands of pounds. Electric delivery vans make UPS greener and our air cleaner. Several pioneering companies are propelling the world forward at record speed. The question is which ones to buy today? Join Adam Johnson to discover how the future of mobility is now.
SpaceX made history with the launch into orbit of the first manned space capsule by a private company. While we may not be vacationing in Mars any time soon, we are living in a world where technology is evolving faster than ever. In this panel discussion, get up to speed on the latest trends in the industry, explore breakthrough technologies, and hear about the most innovative disruptors reshaping the future.
Tune in to this 30-minute session to discuss several Med-Tech hybrid companies as case studies, explaining how they're redefining health and moving the world forward. Adam Johnson is long on all of them, and see's significant upside. "Health Care's Holy Grail" is his biggest investment theme for 2021, thanks to the convergence of wearables, AI, 5G, and telemedicine, and he's excited to share with you what he has learned!
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