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Gordon Pape

Editor and Publisher,

The Income Investor and the Internet Wealth Builder

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  • Former President of Magazine Association of Canada

About Gordon

Gordon Pape is a well-known, bestselling Canadian author who specializes in personal finance and investing. He is editor and publisher of two newsletters: the Internet Wealth Builder, a weekly e-mail investment advisory and The Income Investor, a twice-monthly report on income securities. His Website can be found at www.buildingwealth.ca.

Gordon's Articles

Are you interested in a company whose share price shows an average annual growth rate of 22% over the past 15 years; has increased its annual payout for more than 15 consecutive years; and has almost $33 billion in the bank? asks Gordon Pape, editor of Internet Wealth Builder.
Organon (OGN), which was spun out from Merck (MRK) in 2021, describes itself as a global healthcare company with a focus on improving the health of women, explains Gordon Pape, editor of The Income Investor.
Some 5,000 scientists, academics, industrialists, and others have signed a petition calling for a six-month moratorium on the development of artificial intelligence (AI); another 50,000 people are reportedly lined up to add their names, asserts Gordon Pape, editor of Internet Wealth Builder.
The primary rule for retirement plans is to conserve assets. It’s essential to protect your principal. Growth is important, of course, but if you suffer heavy losses you may never recover them, cautions Gordon Pape, editor of The Income Investor.

Gordon's Videos

MoneyShow Toronto, Gordon Pape: wherre next for the markets, as S&P 500 has been on a recond bull run. The TSX is up since 2009 but we've had two market corrections along the way. Why is this?
Finding winning stocks in turbulent markets is not easy. Gordon Pape will provide some tips that will help, along with specific examples from his newsletters.

Renowned investor and best-selling author, Gordon Pape, will provide an overview of what has happened in the markets in 2018 and what lies ahead for the rest of the year and into 2019.

Gordon's Books

Gordon Pape

Tax-Free Savings Accounts: A Guide To Tfa's And How They Make You Rich

This may be of the most important little investment book you'll ever read! Financial expert Gordon Pape explains the new Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)--the powerful new personal savings vehicle for Canadians - and provides a range of strategies that you can use to add thousands of tax-exempt dollars to your personal wealth.
Gordon Pape

Retirement's Harsh New Realities: Protecting Your Money In A Changing World

Personal finance expert Gordon Pape zeroes in on the realities of retirement that confront Canadians, including collapsing pension plans, a tax system that works against us, pitiful savings rates, and the fact that there are no "safe" investments.  What lies ahead is a series of wrenching changes to our retiremen

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One of the most important principles of sound investment management is staying on top of what’s happening in the world and how those events affect finances. Conditions change quickly, and keeping up-to-date on developments and trends can be challenging. The team of experts producing IWB have been advising Canadian investors for over 20 years.

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