Mary Ellen McGonagle


MEM Investment Research

  • Founder of MEM Investment Research
  • Selected a Female Leader in Finance in 2019
  • 30 Years’ Experience in Institutional Investing

About Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen McGonagle is founder of her own research firm, where she is dedicated to sharing insights into how to uncover and then trade the next big, winning stock. She is also a contributor at where she hosts the weekly MEM Edge Show as well as Chart Wise Women.

Mary Ellen's Videos

During this info-packed session with Mary Ellen McGonagle, you will learn the proven characteristics of a winning stock, how to quickly uncover three fast movers with a simple screen, the one trait that is most important in every big winner, and the key signal that it is time to exit your stock.
Mary Ellen McGonagle will be reviewing simple, yet powerful technical chart overlays that can improve your trading tremendously. Using a proven system that focuses on the common characteristics in winning stocks, she'll reveal insights that she's been sharing with professional money managers for years.