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Dividend Detective and Winning Investing

  • Publishes DividendDetecive.com and WinningInvestment.com
  • Columnist Featured in Business Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, MSN Money, and Morningstar
  • Author of Fire Your Stock Analyst

About Harry

Harry Domash publishes DividendDetective.com, a site specializing in high-dividend investing, and WinningInvesting.com, a free site featuring how to investing tutorials and many other features on being a better investor. He is best known for his investing columns that have appeared regularly in publications such as Business 2.0 Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, and financial Web sites such as MSN Money and Morningstar. Mr. Domash is also the author of the bestselling fundamental analysis book, Fire Your Stock Analyst, published by Prentice Hall, which has been translated into Japanese and Chinese.

Harry's Articles

There's one relatively overlooked common stock category with positive year-to-date returns and double-digit dividend yields. I'm talking about Business Development Companies, or BDCs, explains Harry Domash, income specialist and editor of Dividend Detective.
The market has been weak lately and nobody is predicting a turnaround anytime soon. What to do? Here are four of the best ETFs for this market environment, suggests Harry Domash, income specialist and editor Dividend Detective.
Like many other energy stocks, 2022 was a good year for Baker Hughes (BKR); as of December 13, including dividends, its shares returned 24% year-to-date vs. the S&P 500’s 16% loss, asserts Harry Domash, income specialist and editor of Dividend Detective.
The term “alternative assets” applies to non-publicly traded assets such as privately-held companies, venture capital, real estate and commodities, explains Harry Domash, income specialist and editor of Dividend Detective.

Harry's Videos

Harry Domash, publisher of DividendDetective and Winning Investing, provides a mid-year update on his top stock pick for 2017.
Harry Domash doesn't think so and highlights two categories that can benefit from interest rates going up and why the companies' dividend-paying stocks should not suffer.
Harry Domash lays out how to look at operating cash flow to evaluate which companies have plenty of money to cover their dividends and which do not.
Harry Domash breaks down the differences between closed-end funds versus open-end funds and why closed-end funds will almost always do better for investors.

Harry's Books

Harry Domash

Fire Your Stock Analyst!: Analyzing Stocks On Your Own

Guide to Do-It-Yourself Stock Analysis