Keith Snyder

Industry Analyst,

CFRA Research

About Keith

Keith Snyder is an industry analyst at CFRA. He responsible for coverage in the technology sector, notably in and around the communications equipment and telecommunication areas. Mr. Snyder also previously held the position of industry analyst at S&P Global Market Intelligence. Prior to joining CFRA in 2016 and the equity research team of S&P Global in 2013, he began his career as a data analyst in the financial research division at S&P, focusing on real estate investment trusts. Mr. Snyder holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in finance from the University of Denver.

Keith's Articles

T-Mobile US, Inc. (TMUS) carries CFRA's highest investment recommendation of 5- STARS, or Strong Buy, notes analyst Keith Snyder in CFRA Research's flagship newsletter The Outlook.
Proofpoint, Inc. (PFPT) — which carries CFRA's highest recommendation of 5-STARS, or Strong Buy — is a leading cybersecurity company that enables large- and mid-sized organizations to protect employees' work from advanced threats and compliance risks, notes equity analyst Keith Snyder in CFRA Research's flagship newsletter, The Outlook. 
The Covid-19 outbreak has resulted in a surge of targeted cyberattacks. From a cybercrime perspective, Covid-19 revealed a new breed of bad actors, sources, methods, and attack vectors that would never be exposed without a crisis like this, asserts analyst Keith Snyder, in CFRA Research's flagship newsletter, The Outlook.