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Lawrence Raponi

Associate Vice-President, Private Capital Markets,

Equiton Private Real Estate Investments

About Lawrence

Lawrence Raponi is an Associate Vice President at Equiton with over 10 years of experience in real estate and a strong background in nearly every kind of investible asset class. He got his start in real estate at a very young age, having purchased his first investment property at only 23. Today, he manages a portfolio of real estate assets, consisting of both direct real estate ownership and passive investments like Equitons. He firmly believes in the benefits that sound management can have in the overall returns of an investment portfolio which is why Equitons model of managing the Funds as well as the properties within the Funds has proven to be so successful. Lawrence takes pride in helping his clients throughout their real estate investment journeys, offering institutional grade investments that provide monthly cash flow and diversification with long-term appreciation.

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