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Michael Farr

Chief Strategist,

Hightower Advisors, LLC

  • Chief Market Strategist for Hightower Advisors/CEO and Founder of Farr, Miller & Washington
  • Paid Contributor on CNBC
  • Host of weekly pocast, FarrCast

About Michael

Michael K. Farr is chief market strategist for Hightower Advisors, and CEO and founder of Farr, Miller & Washington, a Washington, DC-based wealth management firm. He is a paid contributor on CNBC and is regularly quoted in print publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post. Mr. Farr hosts a weekly podcast, FarrCast, available on all major platforms worldwide.

Michael's Videos

There has been a steady supply of liquidity in the markets provided by central bank largesse across the world, and led by the US Federal Reserve. Investors now face a totally different regime with the Fed reducing the balance sheet while raising interest rates at a pace not seen in generations. Michael Farr discusses the economic and market impacts of the change in monetary policy, and how investors can adapt. He is the chief market strategist for Hightower Advisors, LLC., and founder of Farr, Miller & Washington.

The landscape is changing quickly as we face elections, geo-political uncertainties, and sea-changes in monetary policy. Michael Farr, chief market strategist from Hightower Advisors, and founder and CEO of Farr, Miller & Washington gives his insight into where we are, where we are going, and importantly, how the long-term investor can avoid threats and exploit opportunities.
In the presentation, Michael Farr will lay out his case for lowered market returns over the coming years as the world adjusts to a post-pandemic environment. The future is always uncertain, but these times are unique in the crosswinds impacting the world economy, and thus market environments. The world of threats is not without opportunities as well, and Mr. Farr argues for a disciplined, dispassionate approach to investing to reach your financial goals. Mr. Farr's approach is data-driven and data-supported but guided by a humility that the wise investor always acknowledges there will always be unexpected bumps along the road.