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Michael Williams

Global Strategist

Tocqueville Asset Management


Michael Williams is an investment strategist and the managing director at Tocqueville Asset Management. He is also the portfolio manager of the Tocqueville Genesis Fund. Before joining Tocqueville Asset Management, Mr. Williams was the managing director for Genesis Partners, a research and advisory firm. Prior to that, he ran his own financial planning firm based in Atlanta with out-lying offices in New York City. In 1983, after a year on Wall Street at the trading floor level, Mr. Williams started Genesis Partners as a private financial planning practice for FSC Securities. He continues to provide daily and weekly market insights to thousands of advisors, institutions, and clients around the globe. Mr. Williams e-mails morning and weekly sector reviews to thousands of advisors and their clients, appears monthly on CNBC's Market Sector Review and Bloomberg TV, and has led hundreds of audience presentations for advisors and their clients including speaking at the Financial Advisor Symposiums and at the Money Shows.