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Laura Scarlett Martin

General Partner,

One Ring Ventures

About Laura Scarlett

Laura Scarlett Martin is a neurodivergent real estate finance broker, entrepreneur, and thought leader. She is the chief operating officer of Matrix Mortgage Global, the 5x award-winning brokerage of the year. Ms. Martin is dedicated to sharing her expertise in an effort to create intergenerational wealth for North Americans through home ownership, entrepreneurship, investing, and financial education. Most recently, she has started a venture capital fund to invest in affordable housing initiatives and purpose-built rental properties to combat the housing crisis.

Laura Scarlett's Videos

In this session, Laura Scarlett Martin will discuss the importance of venture capital in the startup ecosystem. Her presentation will include the definition of venture capital and an explanation of the processes and types. She will discuss the risks and rewards of venture capital investing and will touch on current trends and emerging technologies.

Private mortgage investments offer some of the most favorable risk-adjusted returns available on the market, and in a high-interest environment, they can provide 15-18% ROI per year. Because mortgages are well collateralized, there is a near zero risk of borrower default; thus providing the most sustainable and worry-free passive income for savvy investors.

The Bank of Canada has increased interest rates 6 times in 2022, having doubled for variable rate mortgage holders. In this 30-minute presentation, mortgage industry leader Laura Scarlett Martin provides perspectives and advice for investors and homeowners navigating these tumultuous times.