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Chris Vermeulen




I am the Founder and Chief Technical Analyst of TheGoldAndOilGuy.com. I started trading in 2000 and have extensive experience trading stocks, indices, ETFs, CFDs and Futures.

My next-generation trading style has been thoroughly refined over the years, blending the best of all that has come before with the cutting-edge approaches that have only been possible with modern advances in systems and diverse technologies. This is the ideal combination of both the old and new school investing techniques which I built from the ground up.

It is this blend of the time-tested and innovatively new that allows me to take advantage of bull, bear and flat markets regardless of how each week plays out.

I've repeatedly observed that one of the biggest keys to making a lot of money in challenging markets involves aiming for big, quick moves, while maintaining an extraordinary focus on minimizing risk. This may be what most distinguishes what I provide vs. the experiences delivered by the vast majority of other newsletters.

My company - Technical Traders Ltd. - has thoroughly established a stellar reputation as a provider of lower risk solutions for subscribers seeking accurate market research and investment ideas without the roller coaster ride. Join me and I'll work extraordinarily hard toward helping you grow as a trader while realizing opportunities and profits beyond your expectations.

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