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Recognized by Barron's as one of the "Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors in the US," James Stack has been a popular speaker at MoneyShow conferences for more than 30 years. Credited with having warned investors of the impending housing bubble in 2005 and imminent bear market in August 2007, he told Orlando MoneyShow attendees in 2009--just four weeks before the March 9th bottom--to "prepare for the buying opportunity of a lifetime." Mr. Stack's track record and safety-first approach to investing have been described by Forbes as "more or less impervious to declines."

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InvesTech Stays Bullish, but Defensive

With the blue chip indexes continuing to climb to new highs in early August and the DJIA crossing the 22,000 threshold for the first time, the market and expectations are overheated and frothy in the …

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Historical Look at Corrections

The positive economic evidence and key technical indicators continue to support the outlook for further bull market gains; however, that does not rule out the possibility of a 5-10% correction in the …

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DJTA, RUT Highs Suggest Gains Ahead

Both the DJTA and RUT indexes have broken to new highs. The recent improvement in these secondary indexes raises the likelihood of additional stock market gains ahead, observes Jim Stack, money…

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Stack on Stocks, Bubbles and FANGs

If one didn’t know better, you’d never guess that stocks are in the ninth year of the second longest bull market in Wall Street history. The financial skies are blue with nary a single c…

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A Critical Stage: Market Exhuberance?

This is, indeed, a mature economic cycle and potentially the latter stages of the second longest bull market in Wall Street history. By most measures, both consumer and business confidence are at th…

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Jim Stack: A Cautious Bull

This month, the economic recovery becomes the third longest in U.S. history! At 7.8 years of age, this recovery is over twice as long as the historic average, and surpassed only by the decades of t…

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Stack on Stocks: A Cautious Bull

In historical terms, 2016's healthy 9.5% gain was only mediocre - as over half the Presidential Election years since 1928 had an even greater return, observes James Stack, money manager …

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Presidential Cycles: What's Next?

We've reviewed the past 88 years and the stock market performance for the calendar year following the election to see if there is any correlation to party politics and change, explains Jim Stack, mark…