Kevin Simpson

Founder & Chief Investment Officer,

Capital Wealth Planning

  • Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Capital Wealth Planning, LLC
  • Founded CPW in 2005
  • Nearly 40 Years Industry Experience

About Kevin

Kevin Simpson has been the CIO of Capital Wealth Planning, LLC since establishing the firm in 2005. He has been investing in options since he began his career at W.H. Newbold's Son & Co. in 1992. After his time at W.H. Newbold's Son & Co, Mr. Simpson spent seven years with Wheat First Butcher Singer (Subsequently Wells Fargo) where he helped institutions and high-net-worth individuals plan and achieve their financial goals through option-centered strategies. Following his time at Wheat First Butcher Singer, he spent several years at Sterling Financial before establishing Capital Wealth Planning. Over the years, Mr. Simpson has developed a strategy that aligns CWP as an institutional management firm offering separately managed ETF and equity portfolios that are complemented with a yield enhancing covered call strategy.

Kevin's Videos

Kevin Simpson and Jeff Saut will be discussing investing in the best of breed while generating income in this low interest rate environment and getting paid while you wait for markets to return.

Kevin Simpson's investment advisory firm, Capital Wealth Planning (CWP), is at the forefront of covered call strategy implementation. CWP's proprietary covered call portfolios, the Enhanced Dividend Income Portfolio (EDIP) and the Hedged ETF Covered Call Portfolio, are their flagship strategies. In November 2019, CWP's EDIP separately managed account (SMA) was ranked #1 in the Morningstar™ option writing category out of 32 option writing SMA managers based on a five-year time period. Mr. Simpson says the secret is their tactical option writing style. CWP monitors each portfolio's underlying holdings to identify opportunities to sell options and capture potential upside. In addition, CWP invests in high-quality blue-chip stocks to minimize potential risk.
Kevin Simpson explains his approach to options writing. His long equity strategy involves writing (selling) calls against his long stocks.
Kevin Simpson, CIO of Capital Wealth Management, says the secret of portfolio appreciation is not a matter of manager your returns but managing your risk.