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What’s Your Future Worth?

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Peter Neuwirth FSA, FCA, is an actuary specializing in retirement plan issues. In addition to his books Money Mountaineering and What's Your Future Worth?, his research has been published in professional journals, including the Journal of Deferred Compensation, Contingencies, and Journal of Financial Planning. Mr. Neuwirth is a frequent speaker at professional conferences such as the Conference of Consulting Actuaries, Enrolled Actuaries, and Western Pension and Benefits Conference.

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The idea of a three-legged stool was coined by an actuary working for the Met in 1949 and has received wisdom from retirement planners, actuaries, and others for decades. And that three-legged stool, which theoretically was to provide the basis for a secure retirement, included social security provided by the government, a guaranteed pension. This was a pension, not a 401k, but a guaranteed defined benefit pension as most employers had in the '60s, explains Pete.