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Justin Zacks

VP of Strategies,

Moomoo Technologies Inc.

About Justin

Justin Zacks leads the strategy and growth for Moomoo Technologies. Previously, he was a reporter for Bloombergs equities division. Mr. Zacks spent the first half of his career trading equities and foreign exchange derivatives for companies including UBS and Prudential-Bache Securities.

Justin's Videos

Index options have grown in popularity among many retail investors who have discovered their unique characteristics. Join Moomoo Technologies VP of Strategy Justin Zacks as he explains how investors may be using index options in their trading strategies. He will discuss the differences in settlement, style, tax treatment, and underlying securities between index options and other types of options.

Earnings season is highly anticipated by many traders as it provides new data for them to analyze and formulate possible trading strategies around. Join Moomoo Technologies VP of Strategy, Justin Zacks as he explains the different options some strategies traders may use when companies report earnings. He will discuss the impact of financial news and the differences in analyzing implied and realized volatility during a company's earnings week.