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Jeff Kilburg

Founder, CEO, & CIO,

KKM Financial

About Jeff

Jeff Kilburg is the founder, CEO, and CIO of KKM Financial, a boutique asset management company located in Chicago, IL. Mr. Kilburg leads KKM, which provides outsourced chief investment officer services (OCIO), equity and ETF model portfolios, separately managed accounts (SMAs), custom option overlay strategies, investment research, and market commentary to advisors and family office clients globally. Mr. Kilburg serves as a portfolio manager for the Essential 40 Stock Fund (ESSIX), a modern-day version of the Dow Jones, and has served as a portfolio consultant to Nuveen Investments and InCapital. Previously, he also served as chief investment officer of Sanctuary Wealth.

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Understanding the different risk profiles of the two various ways to have exposure to equity markets can be beneficial in investors’ positioning. Learn more about how and why to have equal-weighted exposure in 2024. 


Jeff Kilburg is bullish. “It could be a little choppy. That’s why we’re talking about options,” says the CEO of KKM Financial. “You need to utilize options to protect your downside."