Kate Butta

Business Development Executive,

Ignite Funding

  • Business Development Executive, Ignite Funding

About Kate

Kate Butta joined the Ignite Funding team at the beginning of 2021 and has quickly made herself an integral part of the team. She seamlessly adapted to her role of educating potential clients on the benefits of diversification with Trust Deed investments to maintain a balanced portfolio. Ms. Butta brings with her over 30 years of sales and hospitality experience, and as a director of global sales she was responsible for $100 million in revenue internationally.

Kate's Videos

So, tell me, how did you do in 2022? Did you get the returns you were looking for? If not, you missed out on a great opportunity to earn double-digit returns and diversify your portfolio. But don't worry, we are here to make sure 2023 is the year you earn the returns you want and deserve. Join us to learn more about Trust Deeds, the collateralized investment you never heard of.

So, you're still looking for consistency in all the wrong places? Well say goodbye to your investment worries because this webinar has exactly what your portfolio needs and deserves. Trust Deed investments offer passive fixed income to real estate investors that prefer a mitigated risk when it comes to investing. If you're tired of looking for consistency in all the wrong places, join us for some exceptional information you won't want to miss.
Can you name an investment where you can pull out the hammock, sit back, and relax while earning annualized double-digit returns paid monthly? No? Then let Kate Butta introduce you to Trust Deed Investing with Ignite Funding. It offers investors a way to diversify their portfolios from the stock market and into real estate investments while earning you 10% to 12% annually. Founded in 1995, Ignite Funding has evolved with the changing real estate landscape. The company's original business model began as a traditional home mortgage lender providing lending to home buyers. The demand for lending from homebuilders and developers reshaped the business in 2011. Since that time, Ignite Funding has funded over a billion in loans with investor capital.