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  • Expert on Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Students in 28 Countries , 70% from Referrals
  • Formed "Think Tank" called his "RSI EDGE Team"

About Andrew

Andrew Cardwell, president of Cardwell RSI EDGE, Inc., began his trading career in 1978 as a broker with McCormick Commodities. In 1981, he left the brokerage business to devote his time to the study of technical analysis and to develop a trading program and model around the relative strength index. Today, Mr. Cardwell provides consultation and commentary for his RSI course students and his Cardwell Private Client Group. He has taught his proprietary RSI Basic and RSI EDGE courses to individual traders, brokers, money managers, and technical analysts from around the globe. More than 70% of Mr. Cardwell's students have been referrals, and he has students in 27 countries. As a very respected and sought-after lecturer, he has presented at some of the most prestigious worldwide financial conferences. From 1990 to 1995, he provided weekly market commentary for the Financial News Network and has also appeared on CNBC, providing opinions based on his RSI experience. During an appearance on FNN, John Bollinger referred to Mr. Cardwell as "Dr. RSI." His articles have been published in Futures magazine and by Knight-Ridder News Service. Mr. Cardwell was featured in the Commodity Traders Consumer Reports "Trader Profile" series, where Bruce Babcock referred to him as "the world's leading authority on the RSI."

Andrew's Videos

How would you like to have an indicator that gave you trends, showed when the trend was possibly changing, and forecasted future price objectives in the new emerging trend? Or maybe you would like an indicator that shows support, shows resistance, helps to keep you in the trade (trend) longer for maximum capitalization, and shows when to take profits and add to your position analysis? How about all of the above?

Technical analysis is based mostly on four key components: price, momentum, time, and sentiment. In all Andrew Cardwell's years of trading, he has never found an indicator that offers as much as the RSI and incorporates all four of the key components. It can be used as an independent tool as well as a compliment to what you are currently using.

Many traders use the RSI but very few know how powerful and dynamic it can be as a complete analytical model. We invite you to this session, so that you can see the way Mr. Cardwell uses it and why he calls it the Cardwell RSI Edge.

Andrew's Books

Andrew Cardwell

The Little Book of Trading Performance: Real-Life Exercises for Peak Trading Results

This workbook is a primer for traders not familiar with why their results are not what they desire. Several of their other best-selling books, such as "Trading in the Zone" and "Becoming the Disciplined Trader" are now translated into nine languages and are industry classics. In this book through real-life examples, the trader will learn that understanding yourself first is key in your developing a winner's mindset as a trader.
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