Marilyn Cohen

President and CEO,

Envision Capital Management, Inc.

  • A Country Top Bond Manager
  • Author of 3 Books on Bonds
  • Guest on CNBC, Fox Business News & PBS

About Marilyn

Marilyn Cohen is one of the country's top bond managers. She began her 40-year financial career as a securities analyst at William O'Neil & Co. Ms. Cohen moved into bond brokerage at Cantor Fitzgerald, Inc. then founded Envision Capital Management over 25 years ago. As Envision's CEO, she and her company specialize in managing bond portfolios for individuals. During this same time, she has written the bond column appearing in Forbes magazine. She is the author of six books on the bond market investing for individuals—all available at

Marilyn's Articles

Marilyn Cohen, president of Envision Capital Management, discusses TOMA, and the relationship between these companies and their bond holders.
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Marilyn's Videos

During the panic, bond funds have not been the safe-haven investors expected. Liquidity in bond-land has been uneven in every sector. Join Marilyn Cohen, president and CEO of Envision Capital Management, Inc., as she discusses the few places you can invest in with good safety.
Why $16 billion were moved into bonds funds in a week. There has been a tsunami of money moving into bond funds--Treasuries, corporates and agencies--here is how you can play it.
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At MoneyShow Las Vegas, Marilyn Cohen on the Federal Reserve, interest rates and what it means for bonds, fixed income and investors and traders.

Marilyn's Books

Marilyn Cohen

The Little Bond eBooklet: Must-Knows About Your Bond Portfolio

Must-knows about your fixed income portfolio packed into a 30+ page booklet. Twenty-year Forbes magazine columnist and fixed income investment expert, Marilyn Cohen and best-selling author, Chris Malburg join forces in producing the shortest, most valuable book on fixed income investing. This 30+ page booklet is packed with the do's and don'ts, risks and solutions every person who invests in municipal and corporate bonds must know before another trading day goes by.